Episode 3

Many English teachers recommend that students watch online in English make them familiar and comfortable with the use of everyday English words. Identifying common and less familiar objects will help the student expand their vocabulary and understand the language. These episodes are short, understandable and fun.

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Episode 2

When individuals engage in practicing English on a regular basis, they can go from being novices to someone who is fluent in reading, writing and speaking the English language in a very short time. The aim of the ‘Step-by-Step’ program is to make English fun and easy to learn in a very short period. Practice speaking in English and become fluent.

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Episode 1

The more you practice and learn English for communication, the better you will be, at speaking and writing in English. With English, the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’ rings true. These episodes of Step by Step we give you the opportunity to practice your English with everyday situations and objects.

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