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ECTV Extreme 3

Episode 3

ECTV Extreme on English Club TV is back with Episode three. Watch videos of extreme snowboarding and learn some snowboarding related slang as well. Watch your host Chris showing you some more extreme snowboarding videos and explaining more of American slang using British English. Learn new words such as “Carving, Fronting and Epic Fail”!

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ECTV Extreme 2

Episode 2

English Club TV takes your learning English online to extreme limits! ECTV Extreme brings you stunning Episode two! Watch some of these world stunts including wheelies and burnouts and then get some tips on skateboarding from professional skateboarder Steve Cabalero. Get insightful tips on skateboarding and learn English as well!

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ECTV Extreme 1

Episode 1

English Club TV adds a taste of extreme to learning English language online! Follow our host Chris as he explains various terms and phrases of American slang in Episode one. Watch some crazy extreme motorsports videos and learn new slang words and phrases to take your experience of learning English language online to an extreme level!

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