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Episode 3

Episode 3 of Level Up on English Club TV showcases the best in EA Sports, latest game NHL 15 is coming to you! Find out what the Survivor Belt is and how one can use it. See the Jyrobike, the world’s first self-balancing bike. Also, take a look at Hellblade, the new game from Ninja Theory and all this in simple, open English.

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Level Up 2

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Level Up is the ultimate hi-tech programme which brings you English for communication as well. This time it is about the horror game Far Cry 4, and there is also a reinvented one to fuel up the video. Chris helps you to improve English for communication while introducing the new mind-numbing video games. Chris does not stop there. He has news about something crucially important of artificial nature. Watch now and practice English for communication!

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Level Up 1

Episode 1

She is Spanish. But she makes her voice heard in the world. Alba Perez Barrera selects “being abroad” as her favourite word. It is a must watch video that offers English for tourism.Alba highlights the important aspects of being abroad: meeting different people, visiting new places and getting acquainted with different cultures, societies and lifestyles. In short she speaks great English for tourism.

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