Yummy for Mummy

A principal objective of English Club TV is to enhance your kid’s English. In this episode teaching culinary art through English online, kids cook happily, listening to easy English instructions from their teacher.

Wendy Hawkins is both chef and English teacher. With her perfect but easy English, she gently guides her pupils in preparing a yummy dish of Salmon Fish Cakes. Wendy is motherly, coming to their aid whenever they have difficulties.

Wendy also checks on each of her students, warmly inquiring, “what are you doing honey?” and little Natasha replies, “mashing up the potatoes.”

Yummy mummyepisodes with easy English captions embedded, are also designed to teach children to read English online.

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My Little World

Kids’ world can be exciting when you let them describe how they see it. It’s all the more fascinating when they interpret their drawings into easy English.

“My Little World” uses innovative methodology that focuses on teaching English for kids. It aims at mapping the boundaries of each little child’s world. The programme casters offer children a large drawing board and encourage them to illustrate their colourful world of make-believe.

As they paint, teachers would applaud and identify in easy English the things that take shape on the drawing board. Their intention is to help develop English for kids to express their underlying emotions in easy English.

The activity promotes good English for kids to interact with others.

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Word Party

“Word Party” is one of the many programmes on ECTV specially designed to teach English for kids aged 3 to 6 years old. A host narrates each programme that describes the names of various items found in different locations.

The programme feature vivid colours, enjoyable sounds and designed to allow students to expand their vocabulary and learn names of objects in their surroundings. Apart from teaching children, “Word Party” is also an extremely useful way for parents to encourage their children to explore their surroundings and study English online. Children learn the language by identifying things they have seen on the show in their surroundings in English.

The variety of topics and locations featured in the programme make “Word Party” an excellent tool for parents looking to teach English for kids.

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Kids In Action

This short English Club TV programme, “Kids in Action” takes kids to the centre of a football ground where smiling youngsters are at play. Single words enable a child to identify familiar sights on the football field are crisply readout in easy English.

Words are displayed in time with vocal easy English pronunciation, and arrows point at the object in question. For example, when the background audio pronounces “track suit” the video pauses simultaneously, and an arrow points to the player’s colourful track suit.

The introductory words later develop into longer sentences. In a way, football fun is combined with easy English. Kids are fond of football, let them join in and improve their English speaking basics as well.

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Crafty Hands. 2nd Season

Crisco is back hosting “Crafty Hands” in Season 2, warmly reaching out to children learning English online.

This time Carl hosts the “Crafty Hands” show teaching English for kids with his buddy Malee who want to learn how to pronounce difficult English words.

Learning English online has never been this easier with Crisco showing Malee how to make a Chinese lantern from scraps of paper. Malee chirps its enthusiastic approval, fluffing its vibrant plumage in excitement.

Malee the good-natured cockatoo pronounces out difficult words making kids learning English online listen much more attentively, whilst enjoying the English for kids “Crafty Hands” show at the same time.

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Art Land

On “Art Land” a part of ECTV’s kid’s module, children are shown the creative side of the English language as well, rather than letting children practice art on their own. The programme uses art and creativity as a medium for teaching children English online.

Children are taught that art is not only using crayons and are shown many techniques to heighten their creativity. In this programme of learning English kids use their creative, artistic creations to make beautiful works of art. “Art Land” while teaching art is helping children to learn English simultaneously online.

In “Art Land”, children can create masterpieces while learning English online. As each item used in the creation of a piece of art is named clearly, each action is clearly explained by the host using simple, clear English. “Art Land” is an educational programme where kids learn English whilst improving their creativity.



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